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Aug 20 14

The Power of Arnica

by boiron

In this guest blog, Nicole Kagan, health editor for, shares the many benefits and uses of Arnica montana, one of the most popular homeopathic medicines in the world. For more information on natural medicines and healthy lifestyle tips, visit

Whether you’re on a hike or going for a swim in the ocean, active moments spent outdoors can lead to bruises and swelling that last for weeks. While these injuries require patience, and there isn’t an instant cure, topical treatments of Arnica help quicken the healing process.

arnica backgroundArnica is a yellow-orange perennial flower native to the mountains of Europe and Siberia. A member of the sunflower family, it is sometimes referred to as Leopard’s bane or Wolf’s bane, and it has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years.

While Arnica is known for its various medicinal purposes, it is most recognized for its ability to naturally heal bruising and swelling. When one experiences trauma as a result of impact, a bruise (or contusion) may affect capillaries at different levels: in the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle or bone. Arnica’s ingredients—flavonoids and caffeine derivatives, for example—have the potential to penetrate and restore these affected areas. Potent anti-inflammatory agents in Arnica help protect damaged blood capillaries, and many of Arnica’s ingredients account for anti-bruising.

In addition, Arnica stimulates white blood cell activity, thereby improving circulation to combat swelling.[i] It diminishes the size of swollen body parts, reduces accumulations of fluid, and soothes the discomfort of inflammation.

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Aug 18 14

Relieve Year-Round Allergy Symptoms with Five Single Medicines

by boiron

“As a young woman, I suffered from allergies so debilitating, they kept me secluded indoors and sensitive to the world outside my door,” shares American homeopath, author and mother of three, Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(NA), in our latest “Intro to Single Medicines” video.AllergiesPic “If you had told me years ago that I would no longer suffer from this, I would have told you that you were crazy, until my symptoms disappeared after consulting with a physician skilled in homeopathy.”Watch this short video to learn which five single homeopathic medicines Joette recommends you always have on hand to relieve your own allergy symptoms. And stop by again next Monday for the fifth video in this series, “Intro to Single Medicines: Fever.”


Aug 15 14

Arnicare Sponsors All-Women Marathon in South Dakota

by boiron

Our Arnicare is a proud sponsor of the Leading Ladies’ Marathon & Half Marathon being held this upcoming weekend in Spearfish, S.D. Founded and organized by Elaine Doll-Dunn, a motivational speaker, marathoner, and former Mrs. South Dakota, the Leading Ladies’ Marathon is for women of all ages, sizes, shapes and stamina. The gentle downhill course moves through the beautiful Black Hills, offering its participants an excellent opportunity to quality for the Boston Marathon in April 2015. All runners will also receive a swag bag, including their own tube of Arnicare Gel, perfect for relieving their sore muscles post-race.

logo-large“The marathon has taken me on a journey I would never have dreamed or imagined,” says Elaine. “It began with running, and the dedication to that sport was then mandated by the marathon experience. Requiring a focus hinging on habitual movement, continuous monitoring, and persistent mental acuity, the marathon replicates the vicissitudes life. It has been the impetus for keeping in shape, the model for powerful living—a source of courage, control and satisfaction. Having a tool for sanity that also furthers vanity makes ‘the art of the run’ a positive force.”

Good luck to this weekend’s runners! And don’t forget to check back in the coming weeks for race photos.


Aug 12 14

Arnicare Cream Earns Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval

by boiron

We are pleased to announce our Arnicare Cream has been awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval!

PTPA seal_PTPA.comWith over 70,000 parents, PTPA Media has North America’s largest volunteer parent testing community. These independent parent volunteers evaluate products in their own homes to ensure that PTPA winners are chosen based on merit and consumer experience—not on commercial considerations. As a result, the PTPA Seal has quickly gained recognition as an international leader in certifying consumer products for quality, effectiveness and value.

“At PTPA Media, we are proud to play a role in certifying innovative products that families can trust,” says Sharon Vinderine, CEO and founder of PTPA Media Inc. “When consumers search for our Seal of Approval on product packaging and websites, they are essentially searching for validation from their peers. Their peers will have objectively tested and approved these products based on their performance in a real life environment. That type of resource for families is priceless.”

Our Oscillococcinum flu medicine, Children’s Chestal cough syrup, pain-relieving Arnicare Gel, and Camilia teething medicine have also received this prestigious parent award within the last year.

Click here to see the complete list of the latest 2014 winners and here to enter the Congrats-A-Thon contest on Facebook for your chance to win an Arnicare Cream prize pack and other goodies from PTPA!

Aug 11 14

Explore These Essential Single Medicines for Pain Relief

by boiron

arnica_montana_30c“There’s no better way to treat the physical and emotional shock of accidents and injuries than with homeopathy,” says American homeopath, author and mother of three, Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(NA). “Homeopathy can help minimize the pain to help put you or your loved one in a better state.” Watch this short video to learn more about when to use the single medicines Joette recommends for pain relief, including Arnica, Hypericum perforatum and Rhus tox.

And stay tuned! Our single medicine series with Joette continues in the upcoming weeks with videos on stress and sleep, fever, coughs and colds, and allergies.

Aug 8 14

Pick Up Boiron Samples at Whole Foods Back to School Event

by boiron

back to school_4_0Hey Moms & Dads! If you live near the Whole Foods Market in Wheaton, Ill., head over to their Back to School Event tomorrow afternoon from 12 to 4 p.m. for some family fun! This store-wide event will showcase the essentials your kids need as they head back to school, and representatives from several brands will be on hand to host demos and share product samples, including Oscillococcinum flu medicine and Arnicare pain-relieving gel. Plus, enter for your chance to win one of several gift baskets, such as the Boiron Gift of Health basket, by having your raffle ballot signed by five of the brand representatives. For more information on the event, click here.



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